Scented Soy Votives Available in Inserts

We now offer votives in all of our soy fragrances in these polycarbonate inserts.  Why buy candles in inserts?  If you enjoy scraping left over wax out of your candle holders and getting wick tabs out then these are not for you.  However, if you are a candle lover, restaurant, or event planner, you should definitely check these out.  If you burn a lot of votive candles using these votive inserts will save time because they eliminate the wax mess left in your candle holders.  Simply remove the votive candle insert, recycle it, and replace it with a new one.  These plastic inserts will fit into any holders made for a standard size votive candle.  These votive inserts have a flat bottom so they can be used without another candle holder.  Simply set these inserts on a heat resistant surface like a charger or mirror and light it.

Votive Candle Inserts Eliminate The Mess

New unscented soy votive inserts virtually eliminate the need to clean leftover wax out of your votive holders.  These thick poly carbonate inserts are the same size as a standard votive candle so they will fit in all the same holders.  When the unscented soy candle is used up in the insert, just recycle it.  These votive candles can also be used without a holder because they have a flat base.  Votive candle inserts should be burned on a heat resistant surface so they won’t damage the table tops when the flame gets near the bottom.  They are less expensive than buying a candle and a holder separately so they make ideal wedding decorations for brides on a budget.  These unscented soy candles will burn for 12 hours.  These soy candles are a big benefit to places that burn a lot of candles often like restaurants and places that host banquets or events.  You can save tons of time getting wax residue and wick tabs out of the bottom of your holders by just replacing the insert.

7 New Soy Candle Scents

soy candlesWe have just added 7 new fragrances to our soy candle lines. The new scents for fall and Christmas are Balsam Fir, Bayberry, Christmas Cakes, Gingerbread, Hazelnut Coffee, Mistletoe, and Sage and Citrus. Check out these amazing new scents. We will also be adding to our other candle lines soon so be sure to check back for updates.

No Soot, Less Soot, More Soot Debate…Over

So there is this on going debate about soot from candles. The big issue is claims from soy candle manufacturers that soy candles don’t produce any soot or they are soot free. We have been making paraffin candles a long time and soy candles since August 2008. While we have never believed that soy candles do not produce any soot we get asked about it quite often. People want to know if the air quality in their homes will be better burning a soy candle over a paraffin. According to the National Candle Association in an answer to the question “Is candle soot harmful?” they replied:

“No. The minuscule amount of soot produced by a candle is the natural byproduct of incomplete combustion. Candle soot is composed primarily of elemental carbon particles, and is similar to the soot given off by kitchen toasters and cooking oils. These everyday household sources of soot are not considered a health concern, and are chemically different from the soot formed by the burning of diesel fuel, coal, gasoline, etc.”

In response to all the questions, I did my own test. I made two 16oz jar candles with the same fragrance and wicks, and burned them both daily for about 8 hours here at work until they were gone. I maintained both candles by trimming the wicks when they became a little to long from such a long burn period. The idea was to have the only difference be the wax type, 1 was soy, 1 was paraffin and see the amount of soot produced under a normal burn. I took this picture with the worst soot side facing the camera. The soy candle on the left has less soot around the top of the jar than the paraffin candle, but both have soot. Some of the soot around the tops of the jars was a result of blowing the candles out and the smoke that follows. The environment that these two candles were burned in was our factory and therefor quite drafty. Had these been burned in a home there would have been less soot on each jar. A second thing to keep in mind is that container candles have the hardest time burning with a still flame. They fight between hot air going out and cooler air coming in causes the flame to dance, causing more soot.
So what is the short answer to the soot question? Soy candles are not soot free but will produce less soot when burned under the same conditions as a paraffin candle.

2009 Wedding Colors

soy candlesThe color trends for wedding decorations have been moving away from strictly white and ivory and more toward bold, vibrant colors. Some examples of these 2009 designer colors are hot pinks, bright oranges, tiffany blue, yellows, and purples. These fresh trendy colors help make the wedding atmosphere fun and bright. Use some modern accessories to give your wedding decor a classy touch. White and ivory decorations will always be part of wedding decorating but a splash of strategically placed color can have a really nice affect. The hardest part of adding these trendy colors to your wedding decor is not going overboard. You don’t want all the guests to need sunglasses just to find their tables. Of course if you are doing a tropical theme wedding then color is the order of the day. So there is occasion to have color as the bulk of the design, it’s your wedding do it your way. We have a very nice line of unscented candles available in these colors to help get the look you want. Start planning your wedding decorations with enough time to make sure you can get what you want, and remember to have fun.

Way Too Short?

trimming a candle wickA few posts back I gave a tip on burning candles involving wick trimming. Today I was getting ready to light a candle in my home and I trimmed my wicks prior to lighting it. Lately I have been burning our new 2 wick 12oz soy candles. I trimmed both wicks but on the second one I snipped it a little too short. I went ahead and lit them both to see if it might turn out all right. In about 5 minutes the short wick was out. I realized I should have included a tip in my prior post on how to fix a candle with a wick that is too short. There are two simple methods to use in this situation. If your candle is a multi-wick candle you can try lighting both wicks and see what happens. If after a few minutes the short wick goes out, simply pour out the liquid wax into the trash, trim the longer wick and re-light them. The second method can be used if not enough wax has been liquified or if your candle only has one wick. Using a butter knife, spoon, or other similar object, carve a layer of wax off the top of your candle and throw it out (or put it into a candle warmer). The re-light your candle, grab a book, and relax.

Soy Votive Line

soy votives
We have just added a new candle to our soy line. Due to the great response to our soy jars we have added soy votives. These candles are made with 100% soy wax, burn great, and smell strong. They retail for $2.75 each and that includes the votive cup. These candles are ready to go right out of the box. We also offer a sampler pack which includes 1 of each of our 12 scented votives for $28.80 per dozen. Get yours today.