Our Three New Candle Fragrances

new candle scents

We now have our 3 new candle fragrances available online and in our retail store for Spring and Summer.  We have gone with a beach theme for 2014.  The new candles are:

Tropical Pineapple – A decadent juicy blend of tropical island fruit with subtle hints of mango low notes and refreshing ripe pineapple high notes.

Beach Towel – This summertime fragrance perfectly captures the soft, clean, aroma of a fluffy beach towel warmed by the heat of the afternoon sun radiating off the sand.

Suntan Lotion – A perfect reminder of the fun, relaxing, sunny day at the beach, our suntan lotion fragrance features creamy notes of banana and fresh coconut.

These new fragrances are available in our paraffin jars, smooth pillar candles, votives, tarts, and tea lights.  We are also offering 20% off of the regular price on these new candles for a limited time so now is when you should try them out and tell your friends.

Fresh Candles For Summer

beachbahama mama

Summer is fast approaching and it will soon be time to fill the pools, have outdoor parties, or head to the beach.  We have the perfect candles to fit in with your summer time activities.  Nothing says summer like a tropical fruit smoothie or these unique fruit scented candles.  Our Mojito, Strawberry Daiquiri, and brand new Bahama Mama candles are poured into unique glass cups that can be re-used when the candles have been completely burned.  These scented candles are made using palm wax which crystallizes when it dries making it look like they are full of chipped ice.  The Mojito candle is scented mojitoswith lime and mint, the Bahama Mama is fresh coconut and juicy mango, and the Strawberry Daiquiri is a sweet strawberry and cream.  Each of these cool candles is topped with a decorative fruit accent whether it be a slice of lemon or orange, a cherry, or strawberries. Use these candles to decorate around your home or at your fun get-togethers this summer.  Order a set of 6 or more and save nearly $2.00 per candle at http://www.uscandleco.com/candles/jar-candles/ .

What is Palm Wax?

soy jars
Palm wax is an all-natural, renewable resource that is obtained from the oil palm in Southeast Asia. Due to its environmentally friendly attributes, palm wax offers a whole new choice for candle makers who market sustainable or renewable resource based extensions to their candle lines. It has been grown as a commercial crop in well managed and regulated estates since the early 1900’s. The oil palm produces fruit in bunches which are harvested, and sent to palm oil mills where the oils are extracted, sterilized, clarified and purified into crude palm oil. The crude oil is then sent to palm oil refineries where it is processed further into products such as cooking oil, shortening, cocoa butter substitutes, non-dairy creamers, soaps, and of course everybody’s favorite – Palm Wax.

Palm wax is a superb material for making excellent burning candles. It resists melting in hot summer months, holds fragrance well, and best of all, can be easily manipulated to produce an infinite array of surface patterns ranging from complex crystalline designs to smooth solid colors.

With the combination of quality fragrances, proper wick, and standard wax dyes, the finished candles have been described as having a crystal, feathered or marbled appearance and are clean burning with an excellent scent throw.

Cover The Smell Of Cigarette Smoke

cigarette smoke

One of the commonly asked questions in our candle shop is “Do you have anything that will cover the smell of cigarette smoke?” I am not a smoker, my wife is not a smoker, in fact nobody in my house smokes, my parents didn’t even smoke.  I really don’t like the smell of cigarette smoke as is the case with many people.  Often times the smell of cigarette smoke can become a point of tension between people living in the same house where one smokes and the other does not.  We have a candle that will help eliminate the smell of cigarette smoke from your home and help relieve some of that tension.  The name of this amazing candle fragrance is “Smoke Eater”.  Before you picture an army of smoke eater Pacmen charging forth and devouring the smoke particles out of the air, that isn’t quite how it works.

There are a number of different sections of olfactory sensors in your nose, similar to the taste buds on your tongue.  These sensors pick up different types of odors like sweet, dry, tart, spicy, etc.  The particles from the cigarette smoke interact with a variety of these sensors causing your brain to recognize the scent.  The fragrance from our Smoke Eater candles counter balance the negative smell of the cigarette smoke, neutralizing it.  Then adds positive, pleasant aromas which causes your brain to tell you that you are smelling something which is good.

Like I started off this post, I have never lived with a smoker so I can’t speak from personal experience.  However, we have repeat customers who live with smokers and swear by our Smoke Eater scented candles.  We offer this fragrance in our scented pillars, votives, jars, tealights, and tins.  Once you have had a chance to try this fragrance in your own home, leave a comment and let us know what you thought.

Scented Candles

scented pillar candleScented candles… what is it about them that makes them so popular? Is it that scented candles are merely a tool to freshen the air in our homes? I think the reason scented candles are so popular is more than that. Our sense of smell is very closely tied to our memories. Have your ever been somewhere and suddenly out of nowhere caught a whiff of something that instantly caused you to remember an event, place, or person from your past. I know I have.

Scented candles can have the same effect. When you find a candle that reminds you of home, a friend, that first kiss… that candle becomes more than just an air freshener. At U.S. Candle Company we offer such a wide variety of fragrances so you can find that special scent to remind you of once upon a time.

Buy 1 Get 1 Free – Montana Jar Candle

Due to an over-run on this Jamaica Me Crazy scented jar candle we are offering a Buy 1 Get 1 Free deal with no limit on quantities.  Purchase as many of these beautiful jar candles as you like for $30.00 each and get them same quantity for free.  This 64 oz. jar has a black metal lid in a matte finish.  Once your done burning this large 3 wick jar candle you can use it on your kitchen counter to store important stuff in, like chocolate chip cookies!  Jamaica Me Crazy is a really good fragrance for the spring and summer because it smells a lot like Hawaiian Punch.  This highly scented candle will burn for approximately 180 hours, is 6 1/2″ tall with the lid and about 7″ diameter.  This special deal will only last while we have stock available.  Once this jar candle is gone, it’s gone.

Scented Soy Votives Available in Inserts

We now offer votives in all of our soy fragrances in these polycarbonate inserts.  Why buy candles in inserts?  If you enjoy scraping left over wax out of your candle holders and getting wick tabs out then these are not for you.  However, if you are a candle lover, restaurant, or event planner, you should definitely check these out.  If you burn a lot of votive candles using these votive inserts will save time because they eliminate the wax mess left in your candle holders.  Simply remove the votive candle insert, recycle it, and replace it with a new one.  These plastic inserts will fit into any holders made for a standard size votive candle.  These votive inserts have a flat bottom so they can be used without another candle holder.  Simply set these inserts on a heat resistant surface like a charger or mirror and light it.

Valentines Day Candle Scent Sale

valentines day candlesFor a limited time we are offering 2 new candle scents for Valentines Day… Cutie Pie and Love Spell.   These new scents are available in our 260z jar candles and are on sale for 20% off so for now they are only $10.00 each.  Candles make nice Valentines Day gifts and they add to the romance… nothing like eating chocolate covered strawberries by candle light.  Don’t have that special someone to celebrate with, Mom’s like candles too.

New Candle Frangrances

Our new candle fragrances are now available online. We have 6 new candle scents which are being introduced in our jar and votive lines. The new scents are:

* Acai Berry – Pronounced (ah-sah-ee). It is one of the richest berry fragrances, similar to the sweetness of red and black current, strawberries, and mulberries: middle notes of apple, and bottom notes of rose and jasmine.

* Black Amethyst – Captures the rich tones of fall with juicy fruit, sheer petals and deep woods. The Black Amethyst opens with an intense, sweet, citrusy blast that is sparkling and fresh. Its unique sweetness is enhanced with the tantalizing aroma of red berries and pomegranate.

* Dancing Waters – Picture sparkling clear waters swirled with water lilies. It includes notes of watermelon, frosted orange, lemon Italian Ice, frozen spearmint, basil, bamboo leaf, Asian pear drops, and lavender, with white musk and teak wood.

* Frosted Musk – A light floral of lavender flowers with top notes of lemon, lime and orange combined with floral hints of jasmine, lily of the valley and rosewood on a musky background.

* Hot Apple Cider – Warm up the seasonal chill with this steaming blend of apple and spice! Cinnamon sticks and fresh cloves with freshly crushed tree ripened apples, vanilla, citrus and a hint of sweet musk, Tonka beans and rum.

* Jamaica Rum Cake – A very warm, rich, creamy vanilla syrup and pancake aroma. This French Vanilla bean is mellowed by a buttery caramel with the delicious aroma of English quickbread laced with the heady character of a tropical rum cake.

7 New Soy Candle Scents

soy candlesWe have just added 7 new fragrances to our soy candle lines. The new scents for fall and Christmas are Balsam Fir, Bayberry, Christmas Cakes, Gingerbread, Hazelnut Coffee, Mistletoe, and Sage and Citrus. Check out these amazing new scents. We will also be adding to our other candle lines soon so be sure to check back for updates.