Votive Candle Inserts Eliminate The Mess

New unscented soy votive inserts virtually eliminate the need to clean leftover wax out of your votive holders.  These thick poly carbonate inserts are the same size as a standard votive candle so they will fit in all the same holders.  When the unscented soy candle is used up in the insert, just recycle it.  These votive candles can also be used without a holder because they have a flat base.  Votive candle inserts should be burned on a heat resistant surface so they won’t damage the table tops when the flame gets near the bottom.  They are less expensive than buying a candle and a holder separately so they make ideal wedding decorations for brides on a budget.  These unscented soy candles will burn for 12 hours.  These soy candles are a big benefit to places that burn a lot of candles often like restaurants and places that host banquets or events.  You can save tons of time getting wax residue and wick tabs out of the bottom of your holders by just replacing the insert.

New Candle Color

bt-3x6-meditblueWe have just added a brand new color to our unscented candle lines called Mediterranean Blue.  This is a hot new color for weddings and events.  We will be the Mediterranean Blue in the pillars, votives, tapers, and floating candles.

Blue is said to have a quite, relaxing effect so decorate with it in rooms where you want peace and serenity such as home offices or libraries.

This color also blends well with some of our other pastels like lime green or mango if you are going for a bright spring/summer look.

New Candles Colored Like Candy Corn

candy corn colored candles
candy corn colored candles

Brand new candle product perfect for October and Halloween decorating.  Our new candy corn colored candles come in two color patterns.  One is Orange, Yellow, White and the other is Black, Orange, Yellow.  We are making these triple colored candles all through the month of October so order them in time for your Halloween parties.  The candy corn candles are made in 10″ tapers and 3×9 pillars.  The candles are unscented so they won’t interfere with any food being served.  The candy corn taper candles will burn about 1″ per hour and the pillar candles will burn for about 99 hours.

New Lower Pricing On Battery Pillar Candles

battery powered pillar candles

We have a new style of battery operated pillar candles which allows us to offer them at much more affordable pricing.  The battery pillar candles are made with real wax that is unscented.  We are only selling these pillar candles in an ivory color.  The candles run off of 2 AAA batteries (not included) and use a realistic flickering LED bulb.   Our battery powered candles are perfect to use in homes with children and pets as there is no open flame to worry about.  These also make great gifts for people who may not want open flames in there homes for other reasons.  The pillars are 3″ diameter and come in heights of 4″, 5″, and 7″.  Our battery pillar candles are priced from $8.00 – $12.50 each which is well below the old pricing of $20+ each.

Gold Candles

We have just added metallic silver and gold candles to our pillar and taper lines. We have had many requests for metallic candles have finally added them to our website. These candles are the perfect decoration for 25th and 50th anniversary parties. These affordable metallic silver and gold candles will make any table display look expensive. Paring up a pillar candle with matching taper candles also makes for a very nice looking unity candle wedding set.

A Common Unscented Candle Question

One of the most common questions we receive from customers who have ordered unscented candles from us is “Why do my candles smell, I ordered unscented?” I kind of chuckle when I get this question because it actually helps us market our scented candles too. The answer to this common phenomenon is this: The unscented candles that were sent to our customers are unscented. What is happening is that we make both our scented and unscented candles in the same building. We also do all of our packing for shipments in the same area too. The air in here gets pretty heavy with scent from the wax used in our scented candles and it sticks to everything. The packing peanuts and cardboard boxes absorb some of the air saturating them with fragrance. The scent in the air is even strong enough that when we go out to eat, after work on Friday nights, the cooks and waiters/waitresses that know us will come say hi to us while we are still inline because they smelled us walk into the restaurant. So the simple solution to solving the case of the scented unscented candles is take them out of the packaging and use them when you are ready. They won’t give off any smell. The way this helps market our scented candles is if our unscented candles can smell that great, imagine what our scented candles smell like.

Remote Controlled Candles

Lately there has been a lot of buzz about flameless candles or battery powered candles. There was a shopping program that ran a whole segment on different sizes and styles of battery candles. Some of the candles there were timer switches which turned the candle on for 5 hours then it automatically shut off and went into sleep mode for 19 hours. At this point the candle would turn its self back on for another 5 hours. Really it is a much nicer set up than having to flick a switch on your candle ever time you want to turn them on and off. It seemed like a pretty nice feature. But what if the 5 on 19 off timing didn’t work for your schedule each day?

Well at U.S. Candle Company we have a fantastic battery candle product that is simple to use and you can work it around your schedule, remote controlled candles. One remote control can turn on and off every candle within 30ft with the push of the button. The candles are made of real wax and feature a soft textured look with a light french vanilla fragrance. Each battery powered candle uses LED technology for low energy usage while maintaining a bright orange glow. The LED even flickers giving the candles that realistic fire like glow. The battery powered flame unit uses two AA batteries as the energy source which are not included. In addition to using these candles in your home, this is an ideal product for restaurants and hotels to substitute for real candles. While the upfront cost per candle is higher, since the candles are not burned they last much longer. So if you are in the market for a safer more economical candle product be sure to check these Flamefree Remote Controlled Candles out.