Fresh Candles For Summer

beachbahama mama

Summer is fast approaching and it will soon be time to fill the pools, have outdoor parties, or head to the beach.  We have the perfect candles to fit in with your summer time activities.  Nothing says summer like a tropical fruit smoothie or these unique fruit scented candles.  Our Mojito, Strawberry Daiquiri, and brand new Bahama Mama candles are poured into unique glass cups that can be re-used when the candles have been completely burned.  These scented candles are made using palm wax which crystallizes when it dries making it look like they are full of chipped ice.  The Mojito candle is scented mojitoswith lime and mint, the Bahama Mama is fresh coconut and juicy mango, and the Strawberry Daiquiri is a sweet strawberry and cream.  Each of these cool candles is topped with a decorative fruit accent whether it be a slice of lemon or orange, a cherry, or strawberries. Use these candles to decorate around your home or at your fun get-togethers this summer.  Order a set of 6 or more and save nearly $2.00 per candle at .

Create Affordable Favors That Look Amazing

votive cup favors

People who are looking to get the best quality for the lowest price realize that sometimes it is hard to have both.  If you looking for some  inexpensive decorating ideas for place settings at your dinner table or favors at your wedding, these decorated votive cups will fit the bill.  With a little bit of work you can have 1 of a kind decorations at a very low cost.  The price to put together one of these votive holders is under $2.00 and will be even cheaper if you use flowers or greenery from your garden or yard.

What you need to make favor:

  • straight sided votive cups
  • some ribbon (we used 1 1/2″ wide satin but any kind will do)
  • raffia (twine or string can be used)
  • double stick tape
  • flowers (we used wild flowers on one and a lily on the other but you can use whatever you want, you can also use fake flowers, leaves, berry clusters, etc )
  • votive candles to fill the cups

Step 1: Cut a piece of ribbon to wrap around the votive cup and over lap about 1/2″.

Step 2: Stick a small piece of double stick tape to the votive cup right about in the middle.  If you use a thinner ribbon and want it to wrap around near the top or bottom, put the tape on accordingly.

Step 3: Attach one end of the ribbon to the tape, stick a second piece of tape on top and near the end of the ribbon which is now attached to the cup.

Step 4: Wrap the ribbon around the votive cup keeping it as tight and straight as you can.  Press the end of the ribbon down onto the tape to hold it in place.

Step 5: Cut a piece of raffia or twine long enough to wrap around the votive cup 2 times and to tie a bow or knot.

Step 6: Wrap the raffia around the votive cup 2 times (you can do more or less, just cut the length accordingly) and tie in the flowers or greenery you chose for the decorative accent.

decorative votive cups

I found that with the lily flower, since it had a thicker stalk, it was easier to tie my raffia into a knot then tie the flower in with the bit of raffia that was left.  For the wild flowers, the raffia was loose enough that I could slip them in behind the raffia after I had tied it.

If you are making your decorations up pretty long in advance you might want to stick with fake flowers so that they don’t look dead by the time your guests arrive.  Also, very important note… make sure that whatever you use for the accent does not hang down into the votive cup and create a fire hazard when you light the candle inside.

Valentines Day Candle Scent Sale

valentines day candlesFor a limited time we are offering 2 new candle scents for Valentines Day… Cutie Pie and Love Spell.   These new scents are available in our 260z jar candles and are on sale for 20% off so for now they are only $10.00 each.  Candles make nice Valentines Day gifts and they add to the romance… nothing like eating chocolate covered strawberries by candle light.  Don’t have that special someone to celebrate with, Mom’s like candles too.

New Banana Cream Pie Candles

We have added a wonderful new candle to our very popular line of  pie candles, a banana cream pie, complete with whip cream.  This new pie flavor is made in a 9" and 5" size.  Both sizes are made in a foil pan but should still be burned (if you decide to burn them) on a heat resistant surface.  The bottom of the foil pan may get hot when the flame gets near the bottom of the candles.  The 9" banana cream pie has 4 wicks for an even burn, the 5" pie only has one.   The banana cream pie candles have a scented crust, scented filling, and scented whip cream on top.

In addition to the banana cream pies, we make apple pies, cherry pies, blueberry pies, pumpkin pies, and peach pies.  These are a nice item to give as a gift when invited as a guest to someone house since they are very unique, smell amazing, and look good enough to eat.

Musical Flower Birthday Candles

flower-open-pink Brand new unique birthday candles that even play the “Happy Birthday” song.  These flower birthday candles will be the highlight of the party.  These birthday candles create their own mini light show.  They start out as closed up flower buds.  Once the center of the candle is lit, the main flame lights 14 other little birthday candles (1 on each flower petal).  Then the flower opens, begins to spin, and play “Happy Birthday”.  Each of these flower birthday candles have a round, flat “foot” which allows it to stand up nicely on top of the birthday cake.  The FDA has approved these unique birthday candles to be used with foodstuffs.  When the flower is open it is approximately 7″ in diameter.  Normally priced at $9.95 we are currently offering these at $6.95 each.  They are available in a wide variety of colors including red, blue, pink, black, yellow, and a multi-color petal flower with a yellow center bud.  We have a video on our YouTube channel of these in action, check them out and then get some for your family and friends.

Candle Warming Lamp Shades

Candle Warmer Lamp ShadesThese electric candle warming lamp shades transform your regular jar candles into decorative displays. Each ceramic lamp shade comes with a matching ceramic plate to set your jar candle on. Simply place your jar candle on the plate, put the lamp candle warmer on top your jar, plug it in, and turn it on. Within a few minutes the top layer of scented wax in your jar candle will start to melt releasing the fragrance into the room. After a few weeks when you start to notice the candle doesn’t seem to be as strong simply pour the 1″ of liquid wax out. The candle warmer will melt the next layer of wax releasing a fresh batch of fragrance. The special light bulb will melt wax even down in the bottom of the jar so none of it goes to waste. These lamp candle warmers should be used with our 16oz or 26oz jars. *jar candle not included. These shades are priced at $36.95

Candle Gift Baskets

We have just launched a new category on our website… Gift Baskets. There are 14 new gift baskets styles now available. Each of these baskets are beautifully decorated and contain a variety of our popular fragrances. At affordable prices, these unique gift baskets are perfect for corporate gifts, bridal and baby showers, birthdays, get well, just because, and more. Be sure to come see what we have and start thinking of all the people who would love one of these gift baskets for Christmas.