Create Affordable Favors That Look Amazing

votive cup favors

People who are looking to get the best quality for the lowest price realize that sometimes it is hard to have both.  If you looking for some  inexpensive decorating ideas for place settings at your dinner table or favors at your wedding, these decorated votive cups will fit the bill.  With a little bit of work you can have 1 of a kind decorations at a very low cost.  The price to put together one of these votive holders is under $2.00 and will be even cheaper if you use flowers or greenery from your garden or yard.

What you need to make favor:

  • straight sided votive cups
  • some ribbon (we used 1 1/2″ wide satin but any kind will do)
  • raffia (twine or string can be used)
  • double stick tape
  • flowers (we used wild flowers on one and a lily on the other but you can use whatever you want, you can also use fake flowers, leaves, berry clusters, etc )
  • votive candles to fill the cups

Step 1: Cut a piece of ribbon to wrap around the votive cup and over lap about 1/2″.

Step 2: Stick a small piece of double stick tape to the votive cup right about in the middle.  If you use a thinner ribbon and want it to wrap around near the top or bottom, put the tape on accordingly.

Step 3: Attach one end of the ribbon to the tape, stick a second piece of tape on top and near the end of the ribbon which is now attached to the cup.

Step 4: Wrap the ribbon around the votive cup keeping it as tight and straight as you can.  Press the end of the ribbon down onto the tape to hold it in place.

Step 5: Cut a piece of raffia or twine long enough to wrap around the votive cup 2 times and to tie a bow or knot.

Step 6: Wrap the raffia around the votive cup 2 times (you can do more or less, just cut the length accordingly) and tie in the flowers or greenery you chose for the decorative accent.

decorative votive cups

I found that with the lily flower, since it had a thicker stalk, it was easier to tie my raffia into a knot then tie the flower in with the bit of raffia that was left.  For the wild flowers, the raffia was loose enough that I could slip them in behind the raffia after I had tied it.

If you are making your decorations up pretty long in advance you might want to stick with fake flowers so that they don’t look dead by the time your guests arrive.  Also, very important note… make sure that whatever you use for the accent does not hang down into the votive cup and create a fire hazard when you light the candle inside.

Magnetic Butterfly Accents

decorative butterfly accentsThe beauty of displays and centerpieces is often enhanced with small decorative accents like ribbon, flower, sand, or garland.  We have a new line of magnetic butterfly decorative accessories that are gorgeous.  These butterflies are hand crafted and hand painted in vivid colors.  Each painted glass section is set in metal cutwork which gives the decorative butterflies as stained glass look.  The butterflies have a small magnetic disc attached underneath so they can be placed on any ferrous (containing iron) metal surface.  In addition, we also include a small suction cup with a built in metal disc which matches up perfectly with the magnet on the base of the butterflies.  With this suction cup these butterflies can be used on a myriad of smooth surfaces including, vases, mirrors, window, candles, and more.  These decorative accents can be use all around your home or at events such as weddings or banquets.  Our wide selection of available colors means you are sure to find glass butterflies to match your color scheme.  For other accents and decorative accents checkout U.S. Candle Company.

Battery Operated Candles

Outdoor Battery Candles

With summer approaching (at a snails pace if you’re going by the weather) most of us have turned our focus from the inside of our homes to the outsides.  We are weeding the gardens, putting down the weed killers, and getting our decks and patios ready for those backyard barbeques.  Outdoor decorating is also on the list of things to start looking at.

We have just added new outdoor battery operated candles to our product line.  These new battery candles are made of a weather resistant plastic that won’t melt in the heat of summer.  They also have been designed with a drainage system so that when it rains, water will not pool in the indented area around the fake wick.  In addition to a realistic, random, candle flicker and glow, these battery pillar candles have a built-in timer.  When the switch is set to the “timer on” position, the candles will turn themselves off after 5 hours.  But if that isn’t amazing enough, in 19 hours, the pillar candles will turn on again for another 5 hours. They will repeat this every day until you either put the switch in the “off” position (which will turn the candles off) or “on” position (which will keep the candles on until you turn them off).  With the switch in the “timer on” position the 2 “D” batteries needed to power the candle will last at least 100 days (500 hours @ 5 hours per day). Batteries are not included.  The outdoor pillar candles are 3 1/4″ diameter by 5″ tall.  These candles are priced at only $15.00 each.The price is not much higher than you would pay for a real candle, but the length of time you can use these candles far exceeds how long a real candle will burn.

Real Wax Scented Battery Candles

We also have battery candles with timers for use inside.  These battery candles are made of real wax and are scented vanilla.  The fragrance is not real strong but enough to be pleasant.  These battery pillar candles come in 3 sizes so you can use them to make beautiful displays.  They are 3″ diameter and 4″, 6″, and 8″ tall.  The two shorter candles are powered by 2 “C” batteries while the 8″ tall candle uses 2 “D” batteries (which are NOT included).  Like the outdoor pillar candles these also have a realistic flicker and glow, a built-in 5 hour timer, and a fake blackened wick that looks real even when the candles are turned off.

Submersible LED Decor Lights

We have new submersible LED lights that are great for adding to your displays in low light settings like wedding receptions or banquets.  These LED lights run on 2 batteries, which are included, and will last for approximately 8 – 10 hours.  The lights will sink to the bottom of any water filled container.  To turn the lights on/off simply twist the bottom half of the light.  You can put LED lights into floater bowls, water filled cylinder vases, or any other container.  If you aren’t using any type of floating candles or displays these lights can be used right on the table around your displays or centerpieces.  Our LED lights come in white, purple, blue, pink, and amber.  The floating candles at the top of the image are actually white candles in our 4″ diameter glass cylinder candle holders.

Hanging Candle Lanterns

Hanging Candle LanternsWe have new modern looking hanging candle lanterns that can be used both inside or outside.  They are nicely put together with a metal frame and have a clear glass cylindrical shade to protect the candle from the wind.  These candle holders can also be set on a table because they have a nice flat base.  You can use votive candles (in a votive cup), tealites, small jars, or pillar candles in these lanterns.  The lanterns come in 2 sizes ,  8″ and 9″ tall.  These candle lanterns can be combined with other accessories like beaded garland or candle rings to make beautiful table centerpieces for Thanksgiving and Christmas.   Your friends and family will rave about these table decorations.

Electric LED Branches

electric led branchesWe have brand new decorating products for both home and events.  They are Electric LED Branches.  Each set of branches has 60 LED lights on them.  The stems of these branches can be bent and twisted to integrate with your floral or botanical displays.  The scattered lights throughout your arrangements will look absolutely gorgeous.  There is a 16 foot cord attached to the LED branches and plug so you can put these just about anywhere in your home and still reach an outlet.  We will soon be carrying battery powered LED branches too, making these even more versatile.  Florists and decorators could mix these in with their centerpieces to give clients a unique look for their events.  The branches are 19″ long from the base to the tip of the longest branch.

New Candle Rings

We just added 4 new fall candle ring styles to our website. I know it is a bit early to be thinking fall but our vendor made them available, so I put them up. These new candle rings are beautiful, featuring vivid fall colors, greenery, berries, and flowers. We have even added a ring covered in poinsettias, a classic flower around Christmas time. Keep us in mind, as you start to transition from the heat of summer back to the cooler months, for your decorating needs.

Mother’s Day Event

We have our special Mother’s Day Sale beginning today. Enter the code mother in the coupon code box and receive 20% off of any and all jar candles in your cart. The Mother’s Day Sale will run from now until May 10th. Take advantage of these rock bottom prices and give your mom something she will love this Mother’s Day. *discount not available to wholesale accounts. discount only available on purchases through the U.S. Candle Company website, not in our outlet store or through

Decorative Accents Aid In Home Decorating

Just about everybody, except for maybe college age males, are at least a little bit interested in decorating their abode. It is simple to put together very attractive and affordable displays that can help brighten up you home. We have just recently added a new category to our site called Botanical Accents. It includes all kinds of nuts, pods, balls, and textures in a variety of colors. Adding these small decorative pieces around a display of candles, in a glass vase, or bowl is all it takes to put that extra touch into your decor. Even a college age guy can do it, if he wanted to.

Stimulate Your $ cent-es

In times of economical crisis, after the fears subside, people start to realize what’s really important. We start to enjoy the small things in life – a home cooked meal, time with loved ones, and we appreciate the things we have. Decorate your home even on a “shoe-string budget”. You can even use them as a functional light source. Get the most “bang for your buck”, using our affordable candles to stimulate your mind, body and spirit with warm, soothing, or invigorating candle fragrances.