Fall/Winter Gift Baskets Are Here

We have our new fall and winter gift baskets online today. 3 brand new baskets featuring bayberry, spiced pumpkin, and cranberry scented candles. Also new today is our bridal poem candle basket. This basket includes a copy of the bridal poem and the taper candles to go with it. Take a look at these before you buy gifts for Thanksgiving or Christmas. These baskets make great gifts.

"Thinner" Taper Candle Holders

Due to the fantastic response to our bridal poem candles posts we have gone a step further and added two styles of “thinner” taper candle holders. (no these are not taper holders that are thinner, they are taper holders for thinner tapers) We have 2 glass taper holder styles that are for taper candles with a 1/2″ diameter base. Smaller diameter taper candle holders are not nearly as easy to find as standard taper holders, until now. The first holder we added is a solid glass pineapple. Pineapples symbolize hospitality so it fits perfectly with the line in the bridal poem for the “thinner” tapers. The second holder is a solid glass chamber style holder with a small handle off the side. Either one of these would go perfectly with the wedding poem as part of a bridal shower or wedding gift.

Bridal Poem Candle Set

wedding poem taper setIn an earlier post about wedding ideas and bridal shower gifts we talked about a bridal poem that used taper candles to mark special events in a married couples life. Well, we figured that if we had listed a wedding poem that used candles and we make candles, maybe we should put a set of candles together to go with the poem. (I know, rocket science right) So we have just added a new taper candle set just to fit the bridal poem. The set only includes the taper candles so you will need some sort of basket and lace to make it pretty. If you want to gift some taper holders we have those too but they are sold separately. Let me know what you think. I think that this is a great idea for a wedding gift.

Bridal Shower Candle Poem

We’ve had many customers come into our store with this poem in their pocket, looking for the tapers to go with it. This poem, can be attached to a basket full of tapers or columns in the appropriate colors, makes a wonderful gift for a bride-to-be and her soon to be husband.

A basket of candles that come in a pair,
of all different colors, for you two to share.

The white ones burn first, they are wrapped in white lace,
to celebrate the first night in your new chosen place.

The mauve pair is smaller, and thinner,
they burn with your first company over for dinner.

There are candles to burn Christmas Eve, before bed,
your first Christmas married, that’s why they are red.

The navy candles are for your first fight;
use them to burn when making up all night.

Pink candles will set the mood and pave the way
for your very first married Valentine’s Day.

Now when your first year of marriage is through,
the Ivory anniversary pair will light for you two.

By this time we hope maybe, just maybe,
you could burn the yellow ones on the birth of your baby.

And just when you thought you could put these away;
take the light blue ones for your fifth anniversary day.

Now just one pair left for the big “25”,
the anniversary pair that will keep your love alive.

So congratulations both of you on the start of your “forever”,
may the two of you always be happy together.

And burn these candles just like I said,
but please don’t forget…blow them out before bed!

To make this basket work you need
a basket, a bit of white lace, 1 pair of White candles, 1 pair of mauve candles thinner than the rest of your candles, 1 pair of Red candles, 1 pair of navy candles, 1 pair of pink candles, 1 pair of ivory candles, 1 pair of yellow candles, 1 pair of light blue candles, and 1 pair of silver candles or the color of your choosing.