Battery Operated LED Candles

battery operated candlesAccording to the National Candle Association, candles are used in 7 out of 10 households in the United States.  Candles are purchased for a number of different reasons including, decorating, ambiance, emergency use, and to freshen the air.  With the advances in technology, battery operated candles are now available that can meet the demand for each of the reasons people purchase candles.

In the beginning candles were usually made out of plastic and didn’t look very realistic.  Now many battery candles are made using real wax so they feel and look just like the real thing.  Early battery powered candles used low watt light bulb to try and replicate the glow from a candle flame.  These primitive designs did not flicker like a real candle flame does.  In addition the color of the light emitted from these bulbs didn’t match the natural glow of candle light.  Also these candles would drain the batteries pretty quickly.

The newer battery candles now use LED’s to give off a realistic flicker and glow simulating natural candle light much better than before.  This means that you can get the ambiance from an LED candle like you would from a real one.  Also because LED bulbs don’t use much energy, the batteries last much longer.  A few of the LED candles will change colors automatically or can be set to a specific color with a remote control if you want something other than the natural yellowish glow.

The battery operated candles now also come in a variety of sizes, colors, and fragrances.  This makes them perfect to decorate with around your home or for events.  Many of the candles are also scented, freshening the air as well as being decorative.

There are many options available when it comes to turning your battery candles on and off.  All of them come with a manual on/off switch, usually on the base of the candle, out of sight.  In addition to that, some also have built in timers remote control candleswhich will turn the candles on and off automatically.  Some of the more advanced battery candles are remote controlled.  Usually 1 remote control can be used for all the candles in your home as long as they are from the same manufacturer.

Battery powered candles also come in a wide range of sizes and shapes from tealights to pillar candles and jars to tapers.  There are unique holiday themed candles like ghosts for Halloween, pumpkins for Thanksgiving, and snowmen for Christmas available too.  The greatest benefit to LED candles is that there is no open flame to watch or worry about.  They can be used safely around kids and pets.

Battery Operated Candles

Outdoor Battery Candles

With summer approaching (at a snails pace if you’re going by the weather) most of us have turned our focus from the inside of our homes to the outsides.  We are weeding the gardens, putting down the weed killers, and getting our decks and patios ready for those backyard barbeques.  Outdoor decorating is also on the list of things to start looking at.

We have just added new outdoor battery operated candles to our product line.  These new battery candles are made of a weather resistant plastic that won’t melt in the heat of summer.  They also have been designed with a drainage system so that when it rains, water will not pool in the indented area around the fake wick.  In addition to a realistic, random, candle flicker and glow, these battery pillar candles have a built-in timer.  When the switch is set to the “timer on” position, the candles will turn themselves off after 5 hours.  But if that isn’t amazing enough, in 19 hours, the pillar candles will turn on again for another 5 hours. They will repeat this every day until you either put the switch in the “off” position (which will turn the candles off) or “on” position (which will keep the candles on until you turn them off).  With the switch in the “timer on” position the 2 “D” batteries needed to power the candle will last at least 100 days (500 hours @ 5 hours per day). Batteries are not included.  The outdoor pillar candles are 3 1/4″ diameter by 5″ tall.  These candles are priced at only $15.00 each.The price is not much higher than you would pay for a real candle, but the length of time you can use these candles far exceeds how long a real candle will burn.

Real Wax Scented Battery Candles

We also have battery candles with timers for use inside.  These battery candles are made of real wax and are scented vanilla.  The fragrance is not real strong but enough to be pleasant.  These battery pillar candles come in 3 sizes so you can use them to make beautiful displays.  They are 3″ diameter and 4″, 6″, and 8″ tall.  The two shorter candles are powered by 2 “C” batteries while the 8″ tall candle uses 2 “D” batteries (which are NOT included).  Like the outdoor pillar candles these also have a realistic flicker and glow, a built-in 5 hour timer, and a fake blackened wick that looks real even when the candles are turned off.

Rainbow Colored Remote Control Candles

remote control candles color changingThese new remote control candles are really, really, cool.  We were testing and photographing these multi-colored candles and everyone who saw them light up just stopped and stared.  Something about the way the colors slowly fade one into the next is mesmerizing.  One remote control can turn on/off all of your candles and control how the LED bulb changes colors.  There are quite a few different settings to use.  The candles can be set to automatically change colors, stay on one color, randomly flicker,  or no flicker.  The remote control has 2 timer buttons, one for 4 hours and one for 8 hours for automatic shut off.  The candles are made of real wax for a natural feel.  2 AAA batteries power the 3″ x 5″ pillar candle and are included.  The remote control units are sold separately because, lets face it, who needs extra remote controls laying around that you don’t need.

Picture your wedding reception room filled with these candles all set to the same matching color or rotating through all 12 colors.  These battery powered candles are unscented so they won’t affect any food served at your event.  They also make really cool nightlights for the kids too.  You can reuse these candles over and over again since the candle is not burnt up like real candles are.

New Lower Pricing On Battery Pillar Candles

battery powered pillar candles

We have a new style of battery operated pillar candles which allows us to offer them at much more affordable pricing.  The battery pillar candles are made with real wax that is unscented.  We are only selling these pillar candles in an ivory color.  The candles run off of 2 AAA batteries (not included) and use a realistic flickering LED bulb.   Our battery powered candles are perfect to use in homes with children and pets as there is no open flame to worry about.  These also make great gifts for people who may not want open flames in there homes for other reasons.  The pillars are 3″ diameter and come in heights of 4″, 5″, and 7″.  Our battery pillar candles are priced from $8.00 – $12.50 each which is well below the old pricing of $20+ each.

Candle Art

Our newest product is a battery operated candle like no other. It is a 3 inch diameter by 6 inch tall work of art. This flameless pillar candle is made from real unscented wax that has a gorgeous wrap around artistic label that fully encompass the candle. Right now we offer over 20 different patterns with more coming available soon. The LED candle light will last for over 100,000 hours which is equivalent to about 15 years. The 2 “C” batteries, which are included, to run the candle will last approximately 700 hours. The battery operated candle flame simulates the same random flickering and warm glow of a real candle. Our battery powered candles are great for homes with small children or pets. They can be left on in bathrooms or bedrooms as a beautiful night light option. We have patterns to fit all types of home decor. Get yours today for only $59.00 each.

Remote Controlled Candles

Lately there has been a lot of buzz about flameless candles or battery powered candles. There was a shopping program that ran a whole segment on different sizes and styles of battery candles. Some of the candles there were timer switches which turned the candle on for 5 hours then it automatically shut off and went into sleep mode for 19 hours. At this point the candle would turn its self back on for another 5 hours. Really it is a much nicer set up than having to flick a switch on your candle ever time you want to turn them on and off. It seemed like a pretty nice feature. But what if the 5 on 19 off timing didn’t work for your schedule each day?

Well at U.S. Candle Company we have a fantastic battery candle product that is simple to use and you can work it around your schedule, remote controlled candles. One remote control can turn on and off every candle within 30ft with the push of the button. The candles are made of real wax and feature a soft textured look with a light french vanilla fragrance. Each battery powered candle uses LED technology for low energy usage while maintaining a bright orange glow. The LED even flickers giving the candles that realistic fire like glow. The battery powered flame unit uses two AA batteries as the energy source which are not included. In addition to using these candles in your home, this is an ideal product for restaurants and hotels to substitute for real candles. While the upfront cost per candle is higher, since the candles are not burned they last much longer. So if you are in the market for a safer more economical candle product be sure to check these Flamefree Remote Controlled Candles out.