Glow Bowl Air Fresheners

We want to tell you about an amazing air freshening product that does not require an open flame, like from a candle, or need to sprayed around your home.  It is our Glow Bowl fragrance system.  The Glow Bowl air fresheners are so simple to use, last for a long time, and are flamefree, and do a wonderful job of scenting the air.  The entire system consists of 2 parts, the unit, and the scented gel.


The Glow Bowl unit has an attractive wooden base, a 3 foot electrical cord with an inline on/off switch and a 2 prong plug, a 7.5 watt light bulb, and a clear cylindrical vase.  The 7.5 watt bulb screws into the top of the flat base, sticking up.  The glass vase is fully closed on the bottom but has a recessed section in the middle, large enough to allow vase to sit over top of the bulb.  This allows the warmth from the bulb to heat a larger surface area of the scented gel causing it to release the fragrance faster.


The Glow Bowl gel is water based so it evaporates easily giving off a strong scent throw.  Over time the scented crystals will shrink and appear to be getting dried out.  This does NOT mean that you have to add more gel to the unit, you can simply add a little bit of water to it.  This will rejuvenate the gel and it will continue to smell great.  Once you have added water once, when the gel dries out again, it is best to remove the old crystals and replace them with new ones.  You can mix more than one fragrance together to create a custom scent if you like.  Be creative.

In addition to freshening you home up, the Glow Bowl system looks beautiful when it is turned on.  The light from the bulb shines through the colored scent crystals in a variety of shades in mesmerizing way.  They make fantastic nightlights too.

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