Battery Operated Candles

Outdoor Battery Candles

With summer approaching (at a snails pace if you’re going by the weather) most of us have turned our focus from the inside of our homes to the outsides.  We are weeding the gardens, putting down the weed killers, and getting our decks and patios ready for those backyard barbeques.  Outdoor decorating is also on the list of things to start looking at.

We have just added new outdoor battery operated candles to our product line.  These new battery candles are made of a weather resistant plastic that won’t melt in the heat of summer.  They also have been designed with a drainage system so that when it rains, water will not pool in the indented area around the fake wick.  In addition to a realistic, random, candle flicker and glow, these battery pillar candles have a built-in timer.  When the switch is set to the “timer on” position, the candles will turn themselves off after 5 hours.  But if that isn’t amazing enough, in 19 hours, the pillar candles will turn on again for another 5 hours. They will repeat this every day until you either put the switch in the “off” position (which will turn the candles off) or “on” position (which will keep the candles on until you turn them off).  With the switch in the “timer on” position the 2 “D” batteries needed to power the candle will last at least 100 days (500 hours @ 5 hours per day). Batteries are not included.  The outdoor pillar candles are 3 1/4″ diameter by 5″ tall.  These candles are priced at only $15.00 each.The price is not much higher than you would pay for a real candle, but the length of time you can use these candles far exceeds how long a real candle will burn.

Real Wax Scented Battery Candles

We also have battery candles with timers for use inside.  These battery candles are made of real wax and are scented vanilla.  The fragrance is not real strong but enough to be pleasant.  These battery pillar candles come in 3 sizes so you can use them to make beautiful displays.  They are 3″ diameter and 4″, 6″, and 8″ tall.  The two shorter candles are powered by 2 “C” batteries while the 8″ tall candle uses 2 “D” batteries (which are NOT included).  Like the outdoor pillar candles these also have a realistic flicker and glow, a built-in 5 hour timer, and a fake blackened wick that looks real even when the candles are turned off.