New Banana Cream Pie Candles

We have added a wonderful new candle to our very popular line of  pie candles, a banana cream pie, complete with whip cream.  This new pie flavor is made in a 9" and 5" size.  Both sizes are made in a foil pan but should still be burned (if you decide to burn them) on a heat resistant surface.  The bottom of the foil pan may get hot when the flame gets near the bottom of the candles.  The 9" banana cream pie has 4 wicks for an even burn, the 5" pie only has one.   The banana cream pie candles have a scented crust, scented filling, and scented whip cream on top.

In addition to the banana cream pies, we make apple pies, cherry pies, blueberry pies, pumpkin pies, and peach pies.  These are a nice item to give as a gift when invited as a guest to someone house since they are very unique, smell amazing, and look good enough to eat.