Electric LED Branches

electric led branchesWe have brand new decorating products for both home and events.  They are Electric LED Branches.  Each set of branches has 60 LED lights on them.  The stems of these branches can be bent and twisted to integrate with your floral or botanical displays.  The scattered lights throughout your arrangements will look absolutely gorgeous.  There is a 16 foot cord attached to the LED branches and plug so you can put these just about anywhere in your home and still reach an outlet.  We will soon be carrying battery powered LED branches too, making these even more versatile.  Florists and decorators could mix these in with their centerpieces to give clients a unique look for their events.  The branches are 19″ long from the base to the tip of the longest branch.

Rainbow Colored Remote Control Candles

remote control candles color changingThese new remote control candles are really, really, cool.  We were testing and photographing these multi-colored candles and everyone who saw them light up just stopped and stared.  Something about the way the colors slowly fade one into the next is mesmerizing.  One remote control can turn on/off all of your candles and control how the LED bulb changes colors.  There are quite a few different settings to use.  The candles can be set to automatically change colors, stay on one color, randomly flicker,  or no flicker.  The remote control has 2 timer buttons, one for 4 hours and one for 8 hours for automatic shut off.  The candles are made of real wax for a natural feel.  2 AAA batteries power the 3″ x 5″ pillar candle and are included.  The remote control units are sold separately because, lets face it, who needs extra remote controls laying around that you don’t need.

Picture your wedding reception room filled with these candles all set to the same matching color or rotating through all 12 colors.  These battery powered candles are unscented so they won’t affect any food served at your event.  They also make really cool nightlights for the kids too.  You can reuse these candles over and over again since the candle is not burnt up like real candles are.