Musical Flower Birthday Candles

flower-open-pink Brand new unique birthday candles that even play the “Happy Birthday” song.  These flower birthday candles will be the highlight of the party.  These birthday candles create their own mini light show.  They start out as closed up flower buds.  Once the center of the candle is lit, the main flame lights 14 other little birthday candles (1 on each flower petal).  Then the flower opens, begins to spin, and play “Happy Birthday”.  Each of these flower birthday candles have a round, flat “foot” which allows it to stand up nicely on top of the birthday cake.  The FDA has approved these unique birthday candles to be used with foodstuffs.  When the flower is open it is approximately 7″ in diameter.  Normally priced at $9.95 we are currently offering these at $6.95 each.  They are available in a wide variety of colors including red, blue, pink, black, yellow, and a multi-color petal flower with a yellow center bud.  We have a video on our YouTube channel of these in action, check them out and then get some for your family and friends.

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