Candle Warming Lamp Shades

Candle Warmer Lamp ShadesThese electric candle warming lamp shades transform your regular jar candles into decorative displays. Each ceramic lamp shade comes with a matching ceramic plate to set your jar candle on. Simply place your jar candle on the plate, put the lamp candle warmer on top your jar, plug it in, and turn it on. Within a few minutes the top layer of scented wax in your jar candle will start to melt releasing the fragrance into the room. After a few weeks when you start to notice the candle doesn’t seem to be as strong simply pour the 1″ of liquid wax out. The candle warmer will melt the next layer of wax releasing a fresh batch of fragrance. The special light bulb will melt wax even down in the bottom of the jar so none of it goes to waste. These lamp candle warmers should be used with our 16oz or 26oz jars. *jar candle not included. These shades are priced at $36.95

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