Aurora Lamp Candle Warmers – a new concept

Lamp Candle Warmers
Lamp Candle Warmers

Using these revolutionary Signature Aurora Lamp candle warmers is a new way to enjoy your jar candles without having an open flame. Normal candle warmers heat the jar candle from the bottom. This means you have to wait until the candle completely liquefies before you can really start to smell it. These new Aurora Lamp warmers heat your jars from the top which means you will begin to smell your candle in minutes. These electric candle warmers use a soft halogen bulb with a concentrated beam that will liquefy the top 3/4″ of the jar candle releasing the fragrance just like a flame. The light also reflects off the top of the candle giving it a nice glow. These unique candle warmers can be used with our 5oz, 16oz, and 26oz jar candles. Once the top of the jar has been melted repeatedly for a long time, you may notice that the fragrance isn’t quite as strong as the first time. At this point simply pour out the liquid wax and allow the next “section” of wax to melt. The light bulb is even strong enough to melt the wax in the bottom of the jar candle. Each Aurora Lamp warmer comes with a bulb and frosted shade. The candle is not included. The Aurora Lamp candle warmer is 10.5″ tall x 5.5″ wide x 7.5″ long.

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