New Electric Tart Warmers

modern-cottageNew electric tart warmers are here.  These ceramic tart warmers us a special 25 watt  bulb to warm and melt wax tarts or heat scented oil, releasing fragrance into the air.  We have a traditional looking round tart warmer and a more modern square design as well.  Create your own fragrance blends by mixing 2 or more of our scented tarts together.  The candle warmers have a removable dish for easy cleaning once you are done.  The base piece of the electric tart warmer has holes which allow the light to shine out creating a soft glow.  These are a great gift idea.

2 thoughts on “New Electric Tart Warmers

  1. LadyJay

    Are these made in the USA? I keep finding companies that make their candles here but buy everything else from China or out the country.

    • futrose

      Unfortunately most of our accessories are made overseas. We would love to purchase from U.S. companies but there are not any making the products we need that we have found, it is a shame really.

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