New Candle Warmers

We have a new line of jar candle warmers available now.  These candle warmers are a perfect way to enjoy our strong scented jars without having an open flame.  The electric crock style warmers have walls that surround the jar candles allowing them to melt faster than the regular hot plate style ones.  The crock warmers will completely liquefy our 26oz jar candles releasing fragrance into the room.  A 16oz jar candle can also be used in the warmers.  Bundle a warmer and a jar and you have a very nice gift.  Right now we are offering these new warmers at an introductory price of $14.00 each.

Save 10% On All Smooth Scented Pillar Candles

2x3-redWe are running a 2 week sale on all of our smooth scented pillar candle sizes.  Save 10% on any fragrance any of our 9 sizes with no limit on how many you purchase.   Our smooth scented pillar candle sale is running from today (September 24, 2009) through October 11, 2009.  Take advantage of our even lower prices to stock up on fall and Christmas decorations and gifts for your friends. Discount prices do not apply to wholesale orders. Sale price is only valid on orders placed through, not valid on in-store (outlet) purchases.

New Lower Pricing On Battery Pillar Candles

battery powered pillar candles

We have a new style of battery operated pillar candles which allows us to offer them at much more affordable pricing.  The battery pillar candles are made with real wax that is unscented.  We are only selling these pillar candles in an ivory color.  The candles run off of 2 AAA batteries (not included) and use a realistic flickering LED bulb.   Our battery powered candles are perfect to use in homes with children and pets as there is no open flame to worry about.  These also make great gifts for people who may not want open flames in there homes for other reasons.  The pillars are 3″ diameter and come in heights of 4″, 5″, and 7″.  Our battery pillar candles are priced from $8.00 – $12.50 each which is well below the old pricing of $20+ each.

New Rewards Points Program

We have just launched our online Rewards Points program where registered customers (create a username and password) will automatically receive points when an order is placed.  These points can then be used on future orders as partial or full payment (excluding taxes and shipping). $1 worth of product = 1 reward point.  Occasionally we may offer extra reward points on special products or give rewards points as incentive for things such as answering surveys or giving feedback.  Currently the Rewards Points program is not available to our wholesale accounts.  To view all the Rewards Points conditions go to our terms and conditions page.  Purchase candles and accessories as gifts for your friends and use your earned points to get something for yourself.

New Candle Frangrances

Our new candle fragrances are now available online. We have 6 new candle scents which are being introduced in our jar and votive lines. The new scents are:

* Acai Berry – Pronounced (ah-sah-ee). It is one of the richest berry fragrances, similar to the sweetness of red and black current, strawberries, and mulberries: middle notes of apple, and bottom notes of rose and jasmine.

* Black Amethyst – Captures the rich tones of fall with juicy fruit, sheer petals and deep woods. The Black Amethyst opens with an intense, sweet, citrusy blast that is sparkling and fresh. Its unique sweetness is enhanced with the tantalizing aroma of red berries and pomegranate.

* Dancing Waters – Picture sparkling clear waters swirled with water lilies. It includes notes of watermelon, frosted orange, lemon Italian Ice, frozen spearmint, basil, bamboo leaf, Asian pear drops, and lavender, with white musk and teak wood.

* Frosted Musk – A light floral of lavender flowers with top notes of lemon, lime and orange combined with floral hints of jasmine, lily of the valley and rosewood on a musky background.

* Hot Apple Cider – Warm up the seasonal chill with this steaming blend of apple and spice! Cinnamon sticks and fresh cloves with freshly crushed tree ripened apples, vanilla, citrus and a hint of sweet musk, Tonka beans and rum.

* Jamaica Rum Cake – A very warm, rich, creamy vanilla syrup and pancake aroma. This French Vanilla bean is mellowed by a buttery caramel with the delicious aroma of English quickbread laced with the heady character of a tropical rum cake.

We Have A Facebook Page

We are now have a facebook page, become a fan and post your comments and suggestions for us and other fans to see. This is a great way for us to communicate product updates and specials to you and for you to let us know what you want and how to improve on different things. Check out our facebook page and see the 6 new fall and Christmas fragrances we have added to our sites. Our facebook page combines both and information in one place.