New Glowbowl Fragrances

Brand new Glowbowl fragrances are here. For those of you who have never heard of Glowbowl, they are a flameless air freshening system. The Glowbowl product consists of 2 parts, the unit and the scented gel. The glowbowl unit is a 5 1/2″ high stand and glass cylinder which has a small light bulb below it used to heat the gel. The scented crystals are water based and come in 18oz refill bottles. All you have to do to use this Glowbowl product is put the gel into the glass container and plug it in. As the light bulb warms the highly scented gel it releases the fragrance into the air. The colorful glow from the light shinning out through the colored scented crystals is amazing. You will notice over a few days the amount of gel getting lower as the water and fragrance evaporates into the air. If you notice that the gel is starting to look a little dry, just as some water to rejuvenate it. Glowbowls make fantastic gifts and can be used in many places where candles cannot. Come get yours today.

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