Our Candles In "Last Airbender" Movie Trailer

My wife and I went to the movies this weekend to see Transformers. (it was our anniversary) I am one of those people who love to see the previews as much as or more than the actual movie. I know it is strange but that’s just me. Anyway, one of the previews was for the “Last Airbender” by M. Night Shyamalan. The whole scene was filled with hundreds of our candles! That was really cool to see on such a huge screen. I had never even heard of the “Last Airbender” until Paramount Pictures contacted us to see if we could make the candles for them in time for the shoot. Anyway, checkout our candles in this movie trailer.

New Glowbowl Fragrances

Brand new Glowbowl fragrances are here. For those of you who have never heard of Glowbowl, they are a flameless air freshening system. The Glowbowl product consists of 2 parts, the unit and the scented gel. The glowbowl unit is a 5 1/2″ high stand and glass cylinder which has a small light bulb below it used to heat the gel. The scented crystals are water based and come in 18oz refill bottles. All you have to do to use this Glowbowl product is put the gel into the glass container and plug it in. As the light bulb warms the highly scented gel it releases the fragrance into the air. The colorful glow from the light shinning out through the colored scented crystals is amazing. You will notice over a few days the amount of gel getting lower as the water and fragrance evaporates into the air. If you notice that the gel is starting to look a little dry, just as some water to rejuvenate it. Glowbowls make fantastic gifts and can be used in many places where candles cannot. Come get yours today.


We have just started a 4oz reed diffuser kit sale. Purchase any three 4oz reed diffuser kits and get a 4th one for free. These diffuser kits come with everything you need, eight 12" diffuser reeds, a 4oz diffuser bottle, strong diffuser oil, and a wooden cap to add to the look. Each of the reed diffusers will last about 8 – 10 weeks. This sale will run from today through July 31st, 2009. Take advantage of this reed diffuser sale in time to get them before your 4th of July activities and freshen up your home.

Reed diffusers are a great air freshening method if you don’t want an open flame or to use the plug-in kind. Put the reeds into the bottle of scented oil, set it on a shelf and that’s it. You will soon notice a pleasant scent in the air.

Our reed diffuser special does not apply to wholesale orders and cannot be combined with any other offers, discounts, or coupons. Sale only valid on orders placed through http://www.uscandleco.com or over the phone.

Unity Candle and Taper Holder Sets

One of our biggest product lines is our Unity Candles. We haven’t really had any nice unity candle holders to go with them…until now. A new selection of candle holder sets have been added to help you decorate your wedding day. Each of our new unity candle holders are available in brass or silver finishes. We have a couple holders that are made to hold both a unity candle and 2 tapers on either side. We also have a variety of matching unity pillar holders and taper holders. For a limited time when you purchase both the matching unity holder and taper holders you will save 16% off of the individual purchase (retail) price. Discount does not apply to wholesale orders. Come by and check out our wedding candle holder sets today.

New Pillar Candle Holders

Two new pillar candle holder style are here. We now have a couple of new wooden pillar candle holders at really affordable prices. Use these wood candle holders around the home or for a special event. The candle holders are designed to be used with 3″ diameter pillar candles. You could put a 4″ diameter candle on them but the candle would stick out over the sides. Each of the two holder styles come in 3 heights which can be purchased separately. The heights are 7″, 11″, and 15″.

Monogrammed Votive Cups

We added a new product today which is a monogrammed votive cup. You can purchase these cups empty or filled with our unscented soy candle. These new votive cups can be lined up to spell out words or phrases making a nice personalized candle display. Use these monogrammed votive cups for home decorating or to decorate for special events. These votive cups can also be used as wedding favors, bridal shower gifts, at baby showers and many other ways.

Scented Paraffin Votive Candle Sale

It is June already, wow that was fast. We have added a new candle sale to our website for the month of June. Our paraffin wax scented votive candles are 10% off of the regular price of $7.20 per dozen. For this month only get our paraffin wax scented votives at $6.48 per dozen with no limit on the quantity. This sale price is only good on orders placed through http://www.uscandleco.com, not valid on phone orders or orders placed through http://www.keystonecandle.com Take advantage of this sale and save some money for your summer activities.