"Thinner" Taper Candle Holders

Due to the fantastic response to our bridal poem candles posts we have gone a step further and added two styles of “thinner” taper candle holders. (no these are not taper holders that are thinner, they are taper holders for thinner tapers) We have 2 glass taper holder styles that are for taper candles with a 1/2″ diameter base. Smaller diameter taper candle holders are not nearly as easy to find as standard taper holders, until now. The first holder we added is a solid glass pineapple. Pineapples symbolize hospitality so it fits perfectly with the line in the bridal poem for the “thinner” tapers. The second holder is a solid glass chamber style holder with a small handle off the side. Either one of these would go perfectly with the wedding poem as part of a bridal shower or wedding gift.

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