"Thinner" Taper Candle Holders

Due to the fantastic response to our bridal poem candles posts we have gone a step further and added two styles of “thinner” taper candle holders. (no these are not taper holders that are thinner, they are taper holders for thinner tapers) We have 2 glass taper holder styles that are for taper candles with a 1/2″ diameter base. Smaller diameter taper candle holders are not nearly as easy to find as standard taper holders, until now. The first holder we added is a solid glass pineapple. Pineapples symbolize hospitality so it fits perfectly with the line in the bridal poem for the “thinner” tapers. The second holder is a solid glass chamber style holder with a small handle off the side. Either one of these would go perfectly with the wedding poem as part of a bridal shower or wedding gift.

New Candle Rings

We just added 4 new fall candle ring styles to our website. I know it is a bit early to be thinking fall but our vendor made them available, so I put them up. These new candle rings are beautiful, featuring vivid fall colors, greenery, berries, and flowers. We have even added a ring covered in poinsettias, a classic flower around Christmas time. Keep us in mind, as you start to transition from the heat of summer back to the cooler months, for your decorating needs.

Website Outage

Just want to say sorry to any of you who were trying to get on our http://www.uscandleco.com site yesterday (May 21) between around 12:00pm and 12:00am. One of the the servers that host our database had a cooling fan stop and it overheated. Kind of a bummer. Anyway we are back up and running again so thanks for your patience. I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend and Memorial Day.