"Thinner" Taper Candle Holders

Due to the fantastic response to our bridal poem candles posts we have gone a step further and added two styles of “thinner” taper candle holders. (no these are not taper holders that are thinner, they are taper holders for thinner tapers) We have 2 glass taper holder styles that are for taper candles with a 1/2″ diameter base. Smaller diameter taper candle holders are not nearly as easy to find as standard taper holders, until now. The first holder we added is a solid glass pineapple. Pineapples symbolize hospitality so it fits perfectly with the line in the bridal poem for the “thinner” tapers. The second holder is a solid glass chamber style holder with a small handle off the side. Either one of these would go perfectly with the wedding poem as part of a bridal shower or wedding gift.

New Candle Rings

We just added 4 new fall candle ring styles to our website. I know it is a bit early to be thinking fall but our vendor made them available, so I put them up. These new candle rings are beautiful, featuring vivid fall colors, greenery, berries, and flowers. We have even added a ring covered in poinsettias, a classic flower around Christmas time. Keep us in mind, as you start to transition from the heat of summer back to the cooler months, for your decorating needs.

Website Outage

Just want to say sorry to any of you who were trying to get on our http://www.uscandleco.com site yesterday (May 21) between around 12:00pm and 12:00am. One of the the servers that host our database had a cooling fan stop and it overheated. Kind of a bummer. Anyway we are back up and running again so thanks for your patience. I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend and Memorial Day.

Coupons For Our Brick and Mortar Store

Since we have started making coupons and discounts available through our http://www.uscandleco.com site, which are only able to be used for online purchases, we thought it would be nice to add a page of printable discount coupons our local customers could use in our brick and mortar outlet store. (no that is not a store that sells bricks and mortar, that would be Home Depot) Our factory outlet candle store is located right off of RT 322 between Harrisburg and Hershey Pennsylvania, across the highway from the Sam’s Club and Wal-mart. Right now we have 3 coupons available that will each be valid for 2 weeks. The coupons offered on this new page will only be able to be used in our store. Check the In-store coupons page for more details and restrictions. And just in case you are wondering, we have way more in our store than we do on our site but I am working on catching up. Our store hours are Mon. – Sat. 9:00am – 5:00pm EST. The address is:
Keystone Candle
7241 Paxton St. (RT 322)
Harrisburg, PA 17111
Come on in, we look forward to seeing you here, and don’t forget your coupons.

Citronella Pillar Candles

Summer is fast approaching and everyone is getting ready for those fun outdoor activities; grilling, camping, starlit nights sitting out on the deck. We have just added your newest favorite candle scent to our pillar candle line… Citronella. We have this wonderful citronella candle scent in votives, tea lights, soy votives, soy jars, and now our 9 pillar candle sizes. Isn’t candle light way more romantic than the bbbuuzzzzz….. sssnnnnaaapp….. cccrrraacckkk of a bug zapper? Well we think so. Stock up on your citronella candles and get ready for summer.

New Sales and Specials

We have just installed a mod on our http://www.uscandleco.com site that allows us to set up various types of specials and sales. Due to our enthusiasm at having this new found ability we have posted 5 sales effective immediately. One I have already blogged about (the free orange blossom reed diffuser with purchase of 2 12oz soy jars sale runs through May 31st 2009.). The 4 new sales will send out an automatic coupon code, after an initial order, to be used on a future order. The coupon discount amounts range from 5% off to 20% off the subtotal of the future order. Check out our new sales and specials page for more details. The 4 new sales are valid through June 30th 2009. Check our sales and specials page frequently to stay up-to-date on whats new. These 1st 5 sales are only offered to our retial customers, not our wholesale accounts.

Bridal Poem Candle Set

wedding poem taper setIn an earlier post about wedding ideas and bridal shower gifts we talked about a bridal poem that used taper candles to mark special events in a married couples life. Well, we figured that if we had listed a wedding poem that used candles and we make candles, maybe we should put a set of candles together to go with the poem. (I know, rocket science right) So we have just added a new taper candle set just to fit the bridal poem. The set only includes the taper candles so you will need some sort of basket and lace to make it pretty. If you want to gift some taper holders we have those too but they are sold separately. Let me know what you think. I think that this is a great idea for a wedding gift.

Free Orange Blossom Reed Diffuser Sale

Now through May 31, 2009 we are giving away a free 8oz orange blossom reed diffuser with the purchase of two 12oz soy candles. Just add any two of the 12oz soy jars and an 8oz orange blossom diffuser will be automatically added to your shopping cart. There is no limit on the number of free 8oz diffusers per order. For example, put four 12oz soy jars in your cart, get 2 free 8oz orange blossom diffusers.