CBS News Video – Burning Candles Safely

I just watched this news video done by CBS news on burning candles safely. It was a well done video and has some helpful information in it. I thought I’d share it just as a reminder to make sure to use your candles safely. Many times we (myself included) burn candles so frequently that we forget that if we are not careful we could injure our children or pets, or cause damage to our homes. The number one thing to keep in mind that was not mentioned in the news broadcast is NEVER leave a burning candle unattended. If you have to leave a room where a candle is lit, either blow the candle out or carefully take it into the other room with you. One of the most common areas I have seen lit candles left alone is in bathrooms. Many times the candles are left lit on the back of toilets. I don’t think that the back of a toilet is a good place for a lit candle because someone with long hair, or a hooded sweatshirt could end up catching themselves on fire. Keep lit candles out of the reach of children. I know when my two girls were younger they were fascinated by the flicker candle flame. They also knew that the whole purpose of lighting candles was to blow them. Where did they learn that? The joy of blowing out birthday candles of course. So to kids, candles are a fun play thing. Please, please, please use candles responsibly. Now that everyone is terrified of candles, come check out our site for a wide selection of candles at really affordable prices.