Nice Testimonial

I received this email the other day for an extremely happy customer and thought I’d share it.

“Just wanted to send kudos your way for such quick shipping and a high quality product. I was having trouble finding a 6×9 pillar to fill a large, floor standing candle urn and your product filled the bill. I picked up the black, Opium candle and must say that the fragrance is a pleasant incense, not at all overwhelming like some cheap head shop. Great stuff! Keep up the good work and I’ll spread the word about your business. Best, Neill – Florida”

It seems that it is more of human nature to send emails when your unhappy about an outcome then to send them when things turned out perfect. Of course we are here to help if there is a problem with anything. If you have any testimonials about our products we would love to hear them. I will be setting up a testimonials page on our site soon but for now you can either leave them as a comment here or shoot us an email.