Not All Candles Are Created Equal

We received a phone call the other day from a customer who had just placed a nice size order of jar candles with us a few days before this call. She wanted to check the status of it and we were happy to tell her it was shipping out that day. As the conversation started to come to a close she said she had a minor complaint. She said that on her previous order of jar candles non of them stayed lit, the flames just kept going out. That is not usually a complaint we get about our candles so we began to ask her a few questions of our own to try and see what the problem may be. Through continued conversation the lady admitted that she had been on our site and had left it. She wanted to do a little more looking around the web before making a purchase. She came upon a different candle company’s website who sells jar candles in glass that look similar to ours. She must have called her order into this other company because she said she asked them if their jar candles were the same thing as U.S. Candle Company’s candles. The customer service person told her they were so she placed her order with them. We explained to her that we do not sell to this other company and that they were not our candles. In fact she told us that her 26oz jar candles had 2 wicks in them. We DO NOT put 2 wicks in our 26oz jar candles, we don’t need to. Our jar candles burn great with 1 wick. The point of sharing this story is that if you want OUR great burning jar candles make sure that you are getting OUR candles and not some cheap imitation made with lower quality materials. If you ever have doubts that another sites candles are not ours feel free to call or leave a comment to find out if they are legitimate.