Way Too Short?

trimming a candle wickA few posts back I gave a tip on burning candles involving wick trimming. Today I was getting ready to light a candle in my home and I trimmed my wicks prior to lighting it. Lately I have been burning our new 2 wick 12oz soy candles. I trimmed both wicks but on the second one I snipped it a little too short. I went ahead and lit them both to see if it might turn out all right. In about 5 minutes the short wick was out. I realized I should have included a tip in my prior post on how to fix a candle with a wick that is too short. There are two simple methods to use in this situation. If your candle is a multi-wick candle you can try lighting both wicks and see what happens. If after a few minutes the short wick goes out, simply pour out the liquid wax into the trash, trim the longer wick and re-light them. The second method can be used if not enough wax has been liquified or if your candle only has one wick. Using a butter knife, spoon, or other similar object, carve a layer of wax off the top of your candle and throw it out (or put it into a candle warmer). The re-light your candle, grab a book, and relax.

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