A Common Unscented Candle Question

One of the most common questions we receive from customers who have ordered unscented candles from us is “Why do my candles smell, I ordered unscented?” I kind of chuckle when I get this question because it actually helps us market our scented candles too. The answer to this common phenomenon is this: The unscented candles that were sent to our customers are unscented. What is happening is that we make both our scented and unscented candles in the same building. We also do all of our packing for shipments in the same area too. The air in here gets pretty heavy with scent from the wax used in our scented candles and it sticks to everything. The packing peanuts and cardboard boxes absorb some of the air saturating them with fragrance. The scent in the air is even strong enough that when we go out to eat, after work on Friday nights, the cooks and waiters/waitresses that know us will come say hi to us while we are still inline because they smelled us walk into the restaurant. So the simple solution to solving the case of the scented unscented candles is take them out of the packaging and use them when you are ready. They won’t give off any smell. The way this helps market our scented candles is if our unscented candles can smell that great, imagine what our scented candles smell like.