Candle Burning Tip

candle burningOne of the single best things that you can do to keep your candles burn correctly is trim the wicks each time you light it. Candle wicks tend to get a little too long, the longer a candle burns. Of course there are exceptions. If you like to let your candles burn all day it would good to occasionally extinguish it and trim the wick back down to about a 1/4 inch. If you notice that you candles are burning hot (the flame seems big) you can trim the wick even a little shorter. Some fragrances burn a little “easier” than others like vanilla. Make sure that you keep the wick trimmings out of your candle. There are lots of special cutting tools available that will hold the wick piece so it doesn’t fall in. We sell the Wickman Wick Trimmer which works nicely. A pair of scissors works fine too. Keeping your wick the right length will also help reduce sooting.

Don’t be afraid of your candles. If you notice that the wick has drifted out of the center of the candle, use a knife or pair of scissors to move it back to center while the wax is warm.