Free Candle Giveaway

We are offering to give away FREE sample soy candles to any of our customers willing to do a product review in their blog. The great part is that you can review any candle product that you have purchased from us in the past. It doesn’t matter how long ago you bought it. All you need to do is:

  • email us to let us know the item you will be reviewing
  • email us the link to your blog
  • wait for us to email you back with the keywords and link back URL’s to use in your review
  • write the review in your blog and email us the URL
  • email us your shipping address to get your Free candle

If you have never purchased one of our candles feel free to purchase one and do a review to get in on the free giveaway! Just go to U.S. Candle Co. and order what you like.

*free giveaway only available in the 48 states

*only 1 free giveaway per customer

*offer expires March 31, 2009