Why are fragrances so important to us?

From the very first time you smelled a strawberry, the molecules from the berry that surrounded the fruit entered your nasal passage. Those molecules came in contact with the sensory neurons in your nose that caused a stimulus, which transmitted an electrical impulse to your brain. This stimulus was recorded in your brain as a memory.

God has created us with a sense of smell so closely associated with our memories that scents remind us of people, places and events. The fragrances we choose at U.S. Candle Company are purposely chosen to help remind us of those special moments and memories along with staying in tune with market trends.

Fragrance Trends! Lush but unusual blossoms, such as peonies, sweet peas and Asiatic lilies are capturing consumer imaginations. And while more traditional floral and citrus scents remain popular, they’re often tempered with subtle notes of patchouli, amber, pepper, teas or exotic orientals.

While lavender and vanilla scents remain perennial favorites, those looking for something different have picked these as individual choices or as blended fragrances because of their unique characters: mint, ginger, amber, cassis, patchouli, hazelnut, jasmine, gardenia, pink grapefruit, currant, berries and rosemary.

Holiday Favorites! Holiday favorites are the Grandma’s kitchen smells like pumpkin and apple pie, cake and cookie smells followed by citrus, berry, pine and spicy herb blends.

Economic stability for Candles! “When things are good, people have money to shop. When things are bad, people like to shop to cheer themselves up. Sometimes when the economy is poor, big-ticket items suffer but clothing stores and smaller ticket items like candles do OK in the right location.”
(Patriot News 7/27/08)