Remote Controlled Candles

Lately there has been a lot of buzz about flameless candles or battery powered candles. There was a shopping program that ran a whole segment on different sizes and styles of battery candles. Some of the candles there were timer switches which turned the candle on for 5 hours then it automatically shut off and went into sleep mode for 19 hours. At this point the candle would turn its self back on for another 5 hours. Really it is a much nicer set up than having to flick a switch on your candle ever time you want to turn them on and off. It seemed like a pretty nice feature. But what if the 5 on 19 off timing didn’t work for your schedule each day?

Well at U.S. Candle Company we have a fantastic battery candle product that is simple to use and you can work it around your schedule, remote controlled candles. One remote control can turn on and off every candle within 30ft with the push of the button. The candles are made of real wax and feature a soft textured look with a light french vanilla fragrance. Each battery powered candle uses LED technology for low energy usage while maintaining a bright orange glow. The LED even flickers giving the candles that realistic fire like glow. The battery powered flame unit uses two AA batteries as the energy source which are not included. In addition to using these candles in your home, this is an ideal product for restaurants and hotels to substitute for real candles. While the upfront cost per candle is higher, since the candles are not burned they last much longer. So if you are in the market for a safer more economical candle product be sure to check these Flamefree Remote Controlled Candles out.

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