Reed Diffusers are what?

As companies try and grow their customer base they come up with new and unique products to meet the needs of the end consumer. One group of customers being sought after by candle manufacturers are people who cannot have or don’t want an open candle flame where they live or work. So they came up with air freshening sprays, room fresheners you plug in, tart warmers, etc. So by now you have probably heard of reed diffusers but may now know what they are or how they work. It seems like you can pick one up at just about any gift shop these days… so what’s with all the hype? Well, these new air fresheners are easy to use, last a long time, don’t take up an outlet in your home, and they work great.

So how do they work? It is actually a very simple concept using evaporation; porous reeds are placed into the bottle of fragrance, in a few hours the reeds become saturated with the concentrated scented oil. As the natural air flow in your home or office passed between and around the reeds it spreads the scent throughout the room. As the air dries the reeds they soak up more fragrance until the bottle is nearly empty. Our 4oz reed diffuser will last for about 8 -10 weeks. Reed diffusers work 24/7 and can be very inconspicuos. There is a myriad of different bottle designs, shapes, and sizes available. You can easily find something to work with your home decor. They don’t need to be carefully attended to like candles should be. Of course make sure you heed all warning labels on the package but over all they are a very safe product to use.

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